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Fireproofing.jpgApplied fireproofing is the most effective passive protection for a steel building structure. In the case of a fire, properly installed in-place fireproofing can protect the steel structure from damage or collapse for up to four hours. This allows ample time for occupants to safely leave the building and allows protection against collapse for first responders to fight the fire. In addition, applied fireproofing can reduce the amount of damage to the structure saving valuable resources on repairs. Applied fireproofing is cost effective and is a very small percentage of overall project construction costs.

While alarms and sprinkler systems can and do fail, applied fireproofing does not require water or electricity to perform its role in life safety.

Diversified Thermal has the knowledge of fireproofing designs and applications that are required for the correct application of applied fireproofing. Diversified Thermal is a member of the National Fireproofing Contractors Association. Contact Diversified Thermal about your next project.